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Dr. Joel Wallach

"While my educational materials have been utilized by other nutritional companies around the world, I do not endorse, recommend, or actually use any of their products."

"Neither doctors, medicine, treatments, nor vitamins have the ability to heal your body. Only the body can accomplish this task, given the raw materials."

"Everyone who dies of natural causes, really dies of a nutritional deficiency disease."

"One sentence has killed more people than all the wars in American history....'You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups'"


Dr. Joanne Conaway

"When you think about it all your nutrition comes from the foods you eat and in particular your nutrition comes from plants.  You either eat plants or you eat something that eats plants, that is the way of nature.  We are designed to get all of our nutrients from plants and plants are designed to mine the soils for their nutrients.  This worked fairly well for thousands of years, but now the system is failing us.  Soils are over farmed, depleting them of the minerals plants need to stay healthy, which, in turn, we consume and we stay healthy.  Plants can only pass along to us what they get from soil.  Our farmers do what they can to grow crops that are healthy but when the soil becomes depleted there is little they can do.  Yes, they rotate crops and, yes, they add fertilizers to the soils but the fertilizers are too little, too late.  Fertilizers are mostly combination of potasium, nitrogen and phosphorous and we need a total of 90 essential (meaning we cannot make these ourselves and must consume them) nutrients to stay healthy.  These 90 are vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.  Our plants used to provide those to us but now they cannot.  The World Health Organization many years ago claimed our farmlands are nearly deplete of the life giving minerals we need to stay healthy and this is why we must supplement and we need to supplement with plant derived minerals and not man-made supplements."



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