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Colloidal Minerals Plus!







 Not All Minerals are Created Equal and Why Youngevity Has The Best 


American Longevity and Doctor Wallach have exclusive rights as a network marketing company to the Rockland Mine Minerals!

Why is this significant? Who is Rockland? And why are the Rockland Mines best?

First of all, when we refer to these mines, you need to know what we are mining! Pure organic plant derived minerals come from a vein of humic shale (prehistoric plant life!). This is key when you are looking for plant derived colloidal minerals for nutritional purposes! These minerals are directly from plants! You can literally peel apart the 'leaves' in the humic shale. They are as easy to absorb....(and as harmless) and helpful as the minerals in your veggies! And if in fact our foods still contained these essential minerals, then there would be no need for us to supplement. But, as you know, our soil and ultimately our food is mineral deficient!

The Rockland Mine is located in Emery County, Utah. There are a few other mines in Emery County. To give you an idea of the tremendous differences in mines: The Rockland Mine vein of humic shale is on average, 70 feet deep. The other mines, including one well known competitor, averages far less, typically about an average 3 1/2 feet deep.

You must have at least a 7-foot vertical draw of the humic shale to get a full spectrum of the minerals! Obviously, other mines can't pull a complete spectrum of minerals with a 3 1/2 foot vein .... their products must use what is called a 'blend'. They pull minerals from other sources to complete their "full spectrum" (if in fact they have even that!) And as a wise consumer, you must question if these additions are also plant derived!

You must insist on Organic Plant Derived Minerals! Some companies use elemental or ionic minerals..which are not utilized by the body and in some cases can be toxic!

Doctor Wallach has exclusive rights, as a network marketing company, to the Rockland Mines! American Longevity IS the only network company using Rockland Mines...the full spectrum, full strength, complete source of organic plant derived minerals around! You won't find that anywhere else!

And the leeching of the minerals at the Rockland plant is so high quality - so pure - so recognized in the industry, that Este Lauder, with thousands of products and known around the world, is going to use the Rockland Minerals in their product line

These are reasons why American Longevity's minerals are so great! These are reasons why your source for plant derived minerals is so important!

One of the most telling differences between the competition and the Rockland operations is the fact that teh competition historically has not let even their largest clients see the facilities. Yes you heard right they refused to show their operations to even Dr. Wallach!

Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer writes "American Longevity's plant mineral-derived extracts were adjusted so that one ounce provides approximately the RDI of iron. The extracts have a natural acidic taste and astringent action, which is perceived as beneficial and tonicizing. At higher strengths, such extracts may cause intestinal irritation in sensitive people. The strength of American Longevity's plant mineral extracts was evidently chosen so as to provide maximum benefit and to minimize potential adverse effects. For best results, the minerals should be taken with juice at the recommended dosage."

Dr. Schrauzer is one of the worlds foremost mineral and trace element experts. Some of our competition argue the Rockland product is "too high in sulphur content". This is simple ignorance - Sulphur is one of the most important nutrients to humans and Dr. Schrauzer loves the fact that our product has plenty of it. American Longevity has had the finished product of many of the mineral producers extensively tested and without a doubt the Rockland products smashes the competition for consistent quality. Again Quality is of the utmost importance to us.

Rockland has a chemist on staff to oversee production and packaging of the plant-derived minerals. Our products use "high quality extracts" per Dr. Schrauzer and we work closely with Dr. Ed Devroey M.D. and of course our own Dr. Wallach. American Longevity has samples of the raw material that both the the competition products come from and our product comes from. Ours is a rich dark humus color and very consistent, the the competition raw material was dry clay grey in color and very rocky. the competition confirmed after examining our raw material that he used none of this type material in his products. The long and short of it is American Longevity is confident in their formulations, the sources of materials and the production facilities used.

Dr. Wallach informed the world about the importance of trace mineral supplementation and he has been involved in research over the last forty years and has traveled the globe learning and now informing the general public on his findings. American Longevity has people coming to them on a daily basis trying to sell them on their products, they are very selective to say the least.




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